symptom List

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Muscle pain
Hands and feet feel hot
Suffered a burn
High cholesterol levels on recent tests
Low red blood cell count on blood test
Choking while eating
Swelling of the affected area
Feeling less need for sleep
Groin pain
Jaw pain
Easily provoked to anger
Breast lump
Object stuck or caught in my throat
Arm numbness
Pain over the bony sides of my ankle
Pain across the entire body
Heel pain
Lip pain or itch
Pain over the anus
Pain in my nails
Difficulty in bending my knee
Armpit pain
Episode of low blood pressure
Bumps or lumps on the lips
Leg cramps
Shin pain
Sensation that something is stuck in my throat
Wrist pain
Backdrip of mucus into my throat
Change in tooth color
Facial pain
Blurred vision
Change in color, shape or smell of my stools
Gum abnormalities
Abnormal menstrual cycles e.g. too early or too late
Difficulty swallowing food or water
Difficulty holding urine, leak urine
Red spots on the skin
Difficulty sleeping due to uncomfortable sensation in my legs
Drooping eyelids
Painful red-purple bumps on my fingers
Mental stress or physical exhaustion
Vertical bleeding under the nails
Spots in mouth
Vomited blood
Abnormalities in sense of taste
Slurred speech
Eyes feel itchy
Nipple rash, redness, discharge, pain or itch
Hoarse voice
My movements are slow
Double vision
Shoulder stiffness
Decreased urine volume with painful urination
Hands and feet are cold
Ear pain
Skin or eyes turning yellow
Fingers and toes turn from pale blue to purplish-red when in the cold
Throat redness
Skin hardening
Inappropriate milk production such as outside of pregnancy or outside of recent child birth, or as a man
Waking up at least twice a night to pass urine
Difficulty sticking the tongue out
Speech that does not make sense, or behavior that is strange
Trembling of fingers or whole body
Feeling like somebody is targeting or out to get me
Uncontrollable movements
Craving or eating non food items
Difference in nipple heights or appearance of the breast/s such as a dimpled area
Unable to turn over when lying down
Mouth ulcer
Facial flushing
Loss of interest in hobbies or leaving the house
Fine tremor of the hands and fingers
Skin turns red when exposed to the sun
Difficulty standing up from sitting position
Reduced sweating
Mood swings
Increased appetite
Bruising easily
Easily irritable
Difficulty pronouncing words
Dry Mouth
Unable to open mouth fully
Joint stiffness lasting for more than an hour in the morning
Throbbing lump in the abdomen
More restless than usual affecting speech and actions
Falling frequently
I can't lie on my back due to pain
Lumps under the skin
Excessive grey or white hair
Blind spots or blind areas in vision
Abnormal behaviour
Tendency to put random objects in the mouth
Late or incomplete puberty
Excessive hair growth on the body
Thinned skin that is easily bruised
Unable to move my face
Back pain that shoots to the legs
Weakness in arms or legs
Hair loss
Sounds are heard louder than usual
Less active recently like not walking outside as much
Blood in breastmilk
Eyes are sensitive to bright light
Skin bruising
Stiff, rigid muscles causing difficulty bending joints
Area below the left lower ribs feels stretched or swollen.
Neck swelling
Eye are bulging or jutting out
itch or discomfort in the urethra - the opening where urine exits from
My pulse feels irregular
Excessively sleepy or falling asleep in the day
Frequent urination
Recent weight loss
Ulcers over the genitals
Nipples are very sensitive
Pain during sex
Abnormal sense of smell
Pain when pressing the front of the neck
Feeling full despite eating only a small amount
Swollen lymph nodes, usually small swellings at the neck, armpits, groin and behind the ears
Bleeding in between menstrual cycles / periods
History of piles
Loss of appetite
Dry skin
Difficulty in mouth opening
Cold sweats
Change in nail colour
Involuntary movements of the legs
Nasal voice
Gum bleeding
Losing consciousness
Decreased sex drive
Pain on pressing the groin area
Nose or gum bleeding
Itching around the genital area
Tendency to do things that are socially unacceptable
Speech is slow
Difficulty in buttoning clothes
Tearing from one eye
Frothy urine
Affected area is warm to touch
Bleeding inside joint
Poor vision
Freezing while walking
Sensation of not completely passed out all the stool
Difficulty in walking
Feeling cold or shivering
Skin is thick and rough
Fluid retention in my abdomen
I have been told that I stop breathing for a while when I am asleep
Sweating at night requiring change in clothing
Personality change
Numbness or abnormal sensation over my face
Too much or too little tear production
Eye redness
Eye pain
Feeling faint
Recent changes in mental state
Enlarged male breast tissue
Muscle pain in the limbs when pressed or squeezed
Hiccups that are frequent or don't stop
Poor eyesight in the dark (Night blindness)
Abdominal discomfort
Eye was hit
Abnormal stomach scope findings
Abnormal findings on barium swallow
Feeling I may have a fracture
Seeing distorted images
White, pellet-like stools
Lip sores or erosions
Lip redness
Groin swelling appears when standing up
Difficulty opening the mouth due to pain
White or pale stools
Injury to the head
Fall from a height of 1m or more
Bad mood
Bruises on my body, excluding my forehead
Hands and feet turned pale and blue
Green stools
Stomach feels bloated or has a lot of gas
Sore throat
Joint pain
Excessive burping
Swelling around the front and sides of the neck
History of having blood in the stool on testing
Ear discharge
Skin redness
Eyes are red, itchy and painful
Irresistible urge to make small movements e.g. squeeze eyes, blink, or shrug shoulders
My brain is not functioning right now
Skin is broken from scratching
Purple rash
Pain in the arms and/or legs
Stools have unusual smell, colour or shape
Bumps containing pus
Difficulty swallowing food due to throat pain
Mouth is sensitive
Difficulty speaking due to pain
Cannot chew well due to pain
Pale looking
Intensely yellow urine
Buttocks pain
Seeing flashes of light
Scrotum or testicle pain
Noticed a small stone come out when passing urine
I have scars or marks from the rash/wound
Nails becoming white, cloudy and thickened
Bluish lumps or bumps on the skin
Mole with hair, on the skin
Skin is moist, soft and breaking down
Change in nail shape
Scalp hair has become thin and soft
Arm pain
Bleeding during or after sexual intercourse
Painful menstrual cramps
Can see tiny dots or objects in vision, i.e. floaters
Nose pain
Difficulty waking up in the morning
Redness in the affected area
Been sexually active with multiple partners during the past 1 month
Increase in vaginal discharge
Sexually active within the last 3 months
Increased vaginal discharge that is smelly
Pain at the start of passing urine
Feeling tired or fatigued
Chest pain
Heartburn; painful burning feeling in the chest or throat
Swelling of any body part
Skin rash
Abdominal pain
Skin Itching
Feel the heart is pounding
Numbness or abnormal sensation
Joints are red, swollen or hot
Runny nose
Back pain
Numbness of the fingers
Low back pain
Feeling breathless
Skin redness or red bumpy rashes
Skin abnormality
Feeling tired and unmotivated the whole day
Ringing in the ears
Throat swelling
Blocked nose
Nausea or vomiting
Finger pain
Toe swelling
Leg or foot numbness
Eye swelling
Skin lumps
Achilles tendon pain at the back of my ankle
Pain over the soles of my feet
Joint stiffness
Calf pain
Neck lump
Tongue pain
No effort to move the elbow, elbow hangs loosely and cannot be bent
Groin area redness
Black, shiny stool
Mouth pain
Insect sting or injury from animals
Swelling below the ear/s
Eyeballs cannot move properly, and cannot look in a certain direction
Accidentally swallowed something
Repetitive movements e.g. head-shaking, nodding
Decrease in urine volume
Bloodstains in mucous
Red patches in the white of my eyes
Feeling like I need to keep talking
Finger or wrisit joint pain
Feeling I am special, powerful or know everything
History of abnormal blood sugar levels
History of problems with liver function
Things seem to be warped or distorted
Abnormal vaginal discharge e.g. in color, smell, or quantity
Numbness of the chest, tummy or back
Elbow pain
Sores or ulcers of the skin
Scaly skin that flakes off
Hip pain
Numbness of the face or mouth
Toe pain
Hands and feet became larger, hence rings and shoes do not fit
Feeling extremely happy
Thick, leathery skin
Bladder pain
Taking less interest or pleasure in activities
Persistent feelings of frustration and restlessness
Joints creak when moving
Bad breath
Gum bleeding when brushing teeth
Pain when chewing or brushing teeth
Concentration is getting worse
Having difficulty writing out words
Ankle pain
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Stool has become narrower in calibre, like a pencil
Thigh pain
Difficulty getting pregnant
Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
Acts of self-harm, including wrist-cutting
Difficulty gathering thoughts, cannot make decisions
Gurgling or rumbling sounds in the stomach
Pimples / Acne
Hand tremors, irritability, palpitations and insomnia that occur when stopping alcohol
Feel there is less saliva
Frequent feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Neck pain or stiffness
Redness or swelling of the urethra - the opening where urine exits from
Hot flashes and sweating
Dry eyes
Lump or swelling in the abdomen/stomach
Often have a sudden need to pass urine in the past one month
Poor memory
Clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth
Bloody or red urine
Feel uncomfortable when alcohol is not available
Thick white vaginal discharge
Sexually active without any contraception
Pain around the vulva or vagina
Hearing difficulty
Bloodshot eyes
Decrease in ambition and motivation
Voice has become lower, deeper
Unintentional weight gain of more than 2 kg/month
Difficulty moving the joint(s)
Passing gas more than usual
Dressing and behaviour has become sloppy, with little regard for what those around might think
Dark spots on skin
Urine stream is weaker than before
Feeling down
Started sleeping in the day and doing activities at night
Pain deep below the skin surface
Pus comes out from urethra - the opening when urine exits from
Unintentional weight loss of more than 5% or 1-2kg in a month
Red gums
Jaw pain that starts after chewing for a while
Joints feel warm
Urine flow is intermittent - starts and stops
Need to strain/exert to pass urine
Swollen scrotum or testicles
Eyelids keep twitching
Something went into my eye
Feeling there is still urine left in the bladder after urinating
Pain when pressing on the breast
Abnormal period length or flow
History of abnormal colonoscopy, i.e. colon camera
Developed male pattern body hair or deepening of voice
Convulsions on any part of the face
Pain when passing urine